ObsidianBot | About


How Obsidian Bot Started

Obsidian Bot was founded in 2019, but the four founders began their work in early January of 2018. All founders traded crypto currency manually in 2017 and became burnt out by the same daily routine. Initially they built Obsidian Bot for themselves, but their friends wanted in on the simplified trading. The initial product had a limited user interface(Command prompt) and was cumbersome to use with multiple people. Around March of 2018 the team changed their focus to make their idea easily usable by anyone.

The Future

We believe in the usefulness of crypto currency in our world markets. Our team is constantly adjusting and working on creating a better platform that will help each of our customers create automated investment strategies. Our team always wants to hear our community feedback, and hope to provide each of our customers the tools to be the best investor.

In the next year at Obsidian Bot our team of highly skilled engineers are working on bringing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to your investment strategies. Although this is not easy task we are excited to show our customers what we have created.

Our Values

At Obsidian Bot each of us has dealt with poor financial advisors. We have also explored complex and complicated investment tools. We believe that each customer that joins our platform doesn’t need to have a investing background to become a successful investor.